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aka MOJO

Mojo was found riddled with bite wounds, deep lacerations and puncture wounds, as well as previous scarring on his face and legs. He spent several weeks at the vet receiving daily wound care. He was also heartworm positive and had to go through the three-month-long, potentially dangerous treatment for that disease. Throughout the entire process Mojo was sweet and gentle with both humans and animals alike.


Vivie was first spotted sitting on the median of a busy street in the Lower 9th Ward. Still largely unpopulated after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the area is home to many stray and feral dogs: but Vivie was a bit unusual. She was a 10-pound, extremely dirty and matted shih tzu. She was being fed by many of the neighbors, but no one had even been able to pet her. Every day she wandered across four lanes of traffic on the busiest street in the area.


Terrified of people, Rosie was living in and around the former Gentilly Woods shopping mall at the edge of the 9th Ward. The mall had been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and was sitting open, slowly decaying and becoming a home for all types of unfortunate creatures -- both human and animal. Every day, a dog rescue volunteer would feed Rosie and watch her cross 8 lanes of traffic on a busy street. Then one day, after feeding Rosie for over a month, the volunteer realized Rosie's situation had gone from bad to worse: she was pregnant.


Whisky and Elsie, two four-month-old puppies, were found living under an abandoned house. Their mother had sought shelter here in time to give birth and nurse her puppies. Neighbors observed the sitauation and began to leave out food, water and blankets for the family. Soon, though, Animal Control came and took all the dogs away, except for Whisky and Elsie, whom they could not catch.

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